George Karayiannis Believed

They said George Karayiannis was crazy. What he wanted to do would never work. He would be a fool to try. It was a lose-lose proposition. George had a vision. One he believed in. You see, George wanted to open a new hotel. You ask, what is the big deal? The concept was not just a hotel; George wanted to add a pool too. Again, you ask, what gives? But this was different. George’s idea would be a breakthrough. One of a kind hotel with a pool in the side of a cliff. Was it risky? Of course, it was. No one had ever done it. George would be the first. 

Sitting in the Aegean Sea, approximately 120 miles from Greece’s mainland, is the romantic and panoramic island of Santorini. After seven nights on the islands of Mykonos and Naxos, both striking, my wife and I spent three nights in Santorini. We stayed at the Astra Suites. The Astra Suites was George’s dream. In 1992 it became a reality. The Astra Suites owns a jaw-dropping view, and the pool was the first of its kind. It set a standard of excellence for other properties to imitate. Santorini has benefited dramatically. 

This message is simple. If you believe in something so great, it will happen. If you can visualize it, it will happen. Outstanding accomplishments walk side by side with risk. Risk is essential for achievement. It is uncomfortable but necessary. Have a compelling vision. See the finish line and work backward. Understand there will be challenges and naysayers. Stick with it and finish. 

George Karayiannis is an excellent example of a dreamer still living his dream. My wife Brett and I had the privilege to meet George at check-in. He has a passion for Astra Suites 30 years later. You can see it. 

Do you have a powerful vision? One so powerful that risk becomes insignificant. If so, you are on your way to achieving greatness. 

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