About Dr. Barry Davis

Barry Davis has been a head baseball coach and a leader in collegiate athletics for over three decades. 

I help athletic leaders and executives become better leaders and elite at their craft by developing their culture.

Davis is entrenched as a consistent winner among the nation’s best coaches.

Davis also is a member of four Hall of Fames:

A proponent of education, Davis has received 3 degrees:

My Values


Excellence is not a sometimes thing. It is an all the time thing. The hallmark of excellence is having a growth mindset, where continuous improvement is a daily habit. It is that one percent improvement mentality that leads to becoming great. All small things lead to all things. Excellence requires a humble spirit, impeccable character, and emotional intelligence. It is a way of life. 

Self Discipline

Self-discipline is the beeline, the shortest and quickest way to get results. It requires nothing more than a personal commitment regardless of how you feel at the time when action is needed. It is a pledge within your mind and body that keeps you focused, fueled, and motivated. Reaching success will never occur without self-discipline. 

Personal Fulfillment

We must do what we enjoy doing. Life is not without heartache, failure, or struggle. That’s right—the inevitable. Yet, we must choose to work towards completion, gratification, and accomplishment. Proper action will fill our cups. Understand that no one can avoid life’s challenges, but we can work towards fulfilling our only life. You get one chance. One. So, do it.