Leading you and others

Winning is always acceptable but losing is not. But if everyone succeeded, there would be no need to make changes at the top or at all. In athletics, it is a head coach; in business, a CEO; or education, a principal.

To turn around any organization. To take losers and turn them into winners. What is needed? Based on my ongoing research, it requires five things. I have described the five as principles, pillars, keys, musts, absolutes, elements, and ingredients. For the moment, I have settled on keys.  Losers to Winners: The five keys to turning around any organization.

Today we will focus on the first key and the most important, leadership.  Leading you and others.
Leadership and leadership development will always associate with winning and not losing. There are no defined guidelines or formulas for leadership. It is a complex term to grasp. But its importance in building successful organizations is critical.

Leadership is not innate. It is a learned skill that enables people to look beyond the obvious and see what others cannot. Leaders look for problems. They set visions. They establish a shared plan through a collaborative effort among all team members. Then work toward that vision together.

Elite leaders accept the blame in defeat and offer praise in victory. They have your back. Leaders are influencers. They show impeccable character. And through an intentional and consistent effort, leaders develop relationships among their followers. These relationships promote ownership. They empower, motivate, and encourage others to be their best versions. Leaders develop others.

There is no substitute for elite leadership. None. Remember URtheCulture

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