DB Cooper & Your Vision

Every year about this time, the New Year’s resolutions made three weeks ago begin to fade. Although this statement leans on little research – a few articles, you know as well as I do most resolutions fail. Some reports say 54 percent fail; others say 80 percent. I tilt towards the latter. Regardless, call Draft Kings and place your bets if you are a gambler. The bottom line is most January resolutions wither. Then disappear into the night like DB Cooper. Why is that?

Because you have to be a committed person to commit, your vision or goal must be so compelling that nothing will pull you from its path. The rule requires dedication, sacrifice, and grit to remain on course. Easy? No. Hard? Yes. But hard is hard. It takes what it takes. It is uncomfortable and demands patience. Do not accept current reality—the reality we want to change. Do not settle. Do not fold under the constant emotional tension of a seemingly unrealistic vision. And once you squeeze through the other side, there will be an unmeasurable self-satisfaction. It will be a feeling of personal accomplishment. This feeling is just the beginning of moving closer to becoming that serial winner we know you can be. Game on.

“Personal mastery is a discipline of continually clarifying and deepening our personal vision, of focusing our energies, of developing patience, and of seeing reality objectively.” 

– Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline

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