Do you have a Board of Directors?

According to researchers at Cornell University, the average adult will make 35,000 decisions in a day. Of those decisions, a select few may make a difference in your life. These decisions could be financial, relationship-driven, career-oriented, or about your physical or mental health. Making the correct choice requires one to look at all options and alternatives. Decisions such as these often need days, months, and sometimes years.  

And when you have decided, there is no guarantee your choice will produce the results you anticipated.   

My question is, how do you make these critical life decisions? Do you make them alone without consultation, or search for others to provide a sounding board and advice before deciding? Regardless of your answer, you drive the bus. In the end, it is all you. You are in charge, and it is your choice- your decision. 

The answer to these questions is you must begin building your Board of Directors. On this Board are your mentors, advisors, close friends, significant other, colleagues, physicians, or even a therapist. The Board is the group of people you trust and feel comfortable being vulnerable and open. Each choice is not the same and requires specific individuals. You must start building your Board of directors. It will give you the security of knowing you can make a prudent decision if you are advised by those you trust and respect.  

Let’s start building your Board now!

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